Starting A Hunting Show
It’s amazing the money that comes with being an influencer these days. The interesting thing is, the best influencers are the ones who are committed to a passion, an interest, something that others are very passionate about. It could be traveling, cooking, building things or even hunting. A hunting show can get millions of views online if it’s done correctly and is entertaining. 

These people make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, if they are among the top in their field. However, they will be the first to tell you that making your own show is real work. The time it takes to learn the production side and plan everything is insane and it takes real commitment to keep going. Many compare it to having a full time job and you have to be prepared to not make any money at it at all. 

Benefits Of A Hunting Show 

So, while you may make a lot of money, there’s a good chance you will never make any. Then why do it? Because it’s an adventure that allows you to take something you are passionate about and share it with everyone. You learn amazing new things that could benefit you in a future career, you get to travel to new places and try things you’ve always wanted to try but have never had a great reason to finally do it, until now. 

Getting Started 

The first thing you need to prepare yourself for is the fact that you will need to learn a lot about the equipment and the skills needed to put together a quality looking show. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if your sound quality is off, your shots are not in frame or something else, you are not going to get the following you want. Here’s where you need to start: 

  • Learn cameras: Even if you want to shoot the entire show on your phone to start, do you know how to adjust the settings on your phone? Do you know how to capture the sound when you are using your phone or a camera? These are all the things you are going to need to learn and remember, it becomes even tougher when you try to film out in the wilderness. 
  • Learn editing: Once you learn the hardware, it’s time to learn the software. You will have to edit the videos, add graphics, create special effects and make it a real show. This takes time and a lot of skill so it’s best to practice several times with the same content and see where you can make improvements. 
  • Get online: Once you are ready to get going with filming your show you need to set up your online accounts. You should start with social media, video sharing sites and get a website as well. The editing will come in handy with the graphics that are used on these accounts and you may want to learn more about the options you have for running a business page for each platform. 
  • Plan content: What is the show going to be about? What segments are you going to have? Is it just you out in the woods? Or are you showing people the type of hunting gear you use? Maybe you want to teach them how to properly setup, maintain and use a firearm and other hunting accessories? You need to have your first twenty shows planned and your first ten shows filmed before you start publishing them. That’s so that you can focus on other aspects of the job when you get going. 

This can be a rewarding and fun experience but it will require you to put in real work. There are no shortcuts and people have tried very hard to do this and have not seen success. However, for those who are successful, it’s a great opportunity to earn money and have a lot of fun. If you want to give this a shot, you have to be ready to fully commit. 

Building A Following 

Once you’ve built your content and published it, the next step is to work on your following. The reason you wanted to publish some content before you started marketing is because you do not want to invite people to a profile or page that just has one post. You want people to be able to binge on your content in the beginning and then have to wait for weekly or monthly episodes. Here’s the next step and how to market your new show: 

  • Email: Because firearms have restrictions on how they can be marketed, email is one of the most reliable options available. Even though you do not have any followers yet, you do have the content and ability to build a presence. Reach out to local gun shops and offer to promote their business for free if they add your new show to their newsletters. 
  • Social media: There are so many social media platforms that you can advertise on. However, they also have several restrictions. A great option is with organic postings either in groups or by using hashtags to talk about the topics that people are interested in relevant to your show. 
  • YouTube: This is where you are going to build the majority of your fans and followers and where you will be publishing your videos. You want people to subscribe to your channel and follow you on social media as well. However, YouTube is going to be your biggest draw because it is the world’s second largest search engine. That means people using this site and other search engines to get information will see your videos if you upload and tag them properly. 
  • Forums: Because you are talking about hunting and firearms, you may want to check out forums. These places are filled with enthusiasts and hunters like yourself and they love to share their latest ideas, stories and ask questions. You can share your content here and even run some promotions like a giveaway or something. 

Building a following for a hunting show is not as difficult as one would think because of how passionate the fanbase is. However, the only way to get that fanbase interested in your content is if you have amazing content that entertains and educates them. That’s why before you make a single post, you need to know how to create and tell a great story and then do it over and over again.



Date 7/7/2022

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