Smart ways to maintain your firearms

Many people use guns for hunting or recreation in different parts of the globe. If you are into shooting, you must know that apart from using the gun, maintaining it is an inevitable task. Professionals know it better than cleaning firearms is a tricky process. 

It is both time-consuming and requires undivided attention. Owning a gun is definitely a matter of pride but this comes at a cost. And the cost is its adequate maintenance.

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However, before you possess one of these, you must know the ins and outs of cleaning and maintaining your gun in the right fashion.

Steps involved in the maintaining process

Disassembling: Assembling and disassembling any gun is the first step for its successful maintenance. Since every firearm is different, this process requires varied attention. To start with, what you need to know is to properly field strip the gun. What this means is that only some parts need to be disassembled in order to clean the rest of the gun.

If you have an AR-15, only some pins need to be taken out. You can easily carry this out with regular tools. You need a sharper object that can be pushed through. Some alternatives are brass and rubber hammers. You will also need Screwdrivers and wrenches to remove the screws. Although the process is not very complex, it surely needs practice to be better at it. Some guns also come with a manual for the same process. You may also look for videos on YouTube or other online media.

Cleaning: Cleaning and lubricating a gun need greater focus. When you use your gun, it might have smudge and debris throughout the body. Cleaning the body thoroughly is the next step.

What would you need?

  • Bristled brush
  • Long cleaning rod long
  • Brush based on the caliber
  • Gun oil
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Mat

Below are the steps for the procedure further:

  • Use a mat while you’re starting. The mat will help to work easily even with the oily surface while cleaning your gun. Upon disassembling, you will see the firing residue. Wipe it off with a cleaning solvent. To clean the inner parts of your gun, use the cleaning rod.
  • Carefully apply oil to all parts of the gun. Make sure not to go overboard, use just enough oil for the shine.
  • For the barrel, use a brush that exactly matches the size of the caliber. This is important as you would want to create enough friction for the perfect cleaning. Use the brush to go all the way to the lower end of the barrel so that every inch of it is cleaned. Run it down the barrel to collect the debris. Once you are done, take the bare bristle and run it through the barrel to remove any leftover debris/ residue.
  • If you find any rust on your firearm, there is nothing to worry about. Use oil to remove it and be a little harsh in this step. Please remember to be consistent on your intensity and use just the right pressure to avoid damaging any surface.
  • Lubricate the gun well and keep it ready to use in the future.

Why do you need to clean your firearm?

Firearms tend to accumulate dirt and become rough upon usage. If you have the knowledge about guns, you would know that irrespective of how advanced the firearm is, maintenance is the key for it to last longer. Also, it would be at its safest form if maintained well thus keeping major accidents at bay.

The better you maintain your gun, the more enhanced will be its performance. Gun enthusiasts definitely look for the best a gun can deliver. If you do not clean your firearm well, it will most likely disappoint you.

Since you would have spent your savings on a gun, it should last longer and be a worthy investment. Whatever profile you hold and whatever is the nature of activity with the gun, your investment should always be worthy. Not maintaining your firearm will affect its value and it will depreciate at a pace faster than you can imagine. Be it handguns, AR rifles, hunting rifles, or shotguns, all of these require precise care.

How often does your gun need cleaning?

You must have understood by now the need to clean and maintain a gun. But the important question arises- how often should you carry out this process? Well, everything depends on the frequency of your usage.

Most specialists would advise cleaning a gun after 250-300 rounds. Once your gun reaches a mark of 2800-3200 rounds, it will surely need a thorough cleaning. It is clear that these rounds will depend on the activity that you carry out with the firearm. People who use a gun for leisure activities would need more frequent cleaning than the ones who use it for hunting.

Therefore, it all depends on how rigorously you use your gun. Nonetheless, proper cleaning and adequate maintenance help you to use your firearm for a longer duration. You must know what you’re investing in and it should offer you a great experience. A well-kept gun is safer, performs better, and gives you the satisfaction you seek. So, the next time you wish to clean your gun, you now know how to go about it and what all you would need for the same!


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