PF940C Frame Kit & Ghost Guns

As the next-gen iteration of polymer 80% frames for Glock® handguns, the PF940C from Polymer80 features enhanced aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality. The PF940Cv1 enables owners of Glock® 19, 23, & and 32 to customize an individualized handgun that is perfectly tailored for any given purpose. The Glock P80, whose production is limited to a brief period, is obviously not packaged in a plastic casing like its 5th-generation counterparts, as befits its status. The purchaser instead receives stylish cardboard packaging featuring a magnetic closure.  The PF940C frame assembly is the embodiment of functionality for firearm enthusiasts. It is a Polymer80 product that enables do-it-yourselfers to construct a Glock-compatible pistol of their own accord. The PF940C frame set comprises several essential elements, namely an 80% compact pistol frame, a finishing jig, and every required drill bit. By assembling this kit, the frame can be converted into a functional lower receiver that is in good compatibility with components from Glock 19 or Glock 23.

Crafting Your Custom Firearm: The PF940C Frame Kit

The PF940C™ is cutting-edge in its ability to function with Glock® 19/23 Gen3 components. An aggressive texture resembling a stippled pattern adorns the frame. A “ghost gun” is a self-made firearm that is not registered and has no serial number, making it extremely difficult to trace. These self-made firearms are also known as polymer 80 guns or 80% guns and are guns that are purchased in two parts and assembled by the owner. These parts are not considered firearms individually, which means they can be purchased without any regulation and delivered as easily as a package from Amazon. The name “80%” comes from the lower half, which is an 80% receiver, and is combined with an upper receiver to become a functioning firearm. 

The 80% lower receiver is the central component of the PF940C frame assembly, functioning as the fundamental structure of your customized pistol. As this receiver does not qualify as a firearm, it is permissible to ship it directly to your doorstep. Manufacturers of these guns are under heavy scrutiny because of the prevalence of these guns among criminals. It is extremely easy, and extremely illegal, to purchase one of these kits, assemble a firearm, and simply not register the weapon. This is an incredible opportunity for those who do not want their firearm to be traced.  The Polymer 80 website, for example, only requires the buyer to check a box certifying that they are of age and eligible to own a firearm.

Components from Glock 19 and Glock 23 are compatible with the PF940C frame upgrade, including slides, barrels, and triggers. By leveraging this compatibility, one can fabricate a pistol that exhibits numerous similarities to an original Glock. The frame is constructed entirely of high-quality polymer, which offers resistance to deterioration and ensures its longevity. The durability and light weight of polymer guarantee the dependability of your custom construction. By assembling a pistol using the PF940C frame kit, one is capable of personalizing an assortment of elements such as the trigger draw weight, grip texture, and overall appearance of the firearm. Firearm enthusiasts are quite fond of this degree of customization.

The PF940C kit includes a finishing jig and all the required drill tools, facilitating a simple assembly procedure that can be undertaken by individuals with limited proficiency in gunsmithing. Federal regulations do not apply to the PF940C frame assembly, as it does not qualify as a firearm. However, it is imperative to maintain knowledge of state and local regulations, as they might impose particular obligations or limitations on the execution of 80% reductions.

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