Tips and tricks to keep your Glock 19 in its original form

GLOCK 19 or G19 is a medium-sized pistol with a capacity of shooting 9x19mm pistol cartridges (9mm Parabellum). This pistol is widely used for personal protection. It has an expansive double-stacked mag capacity of 15 rounds of 9mm plus one. The G-19 weighs around -8.99 oz. (-255g). The standard trigger pull of G19 is -5.5lbs. (-2.5kg) and trigger pull length of G19 is 0.5 in. (12.5 mm). 

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Given below are a few easy maintenance tips to ensure maximum efficiency of Glock 19:

  • Cleaning and Lubricating 

It is very essential to clean and lubricate your Glock 19 to keep it in perfect condition. 

  • When to clean?

First, when it’s brand new, and after each time it has been used to fire. 

If you haven’t used your G19 in a month or so, even then make sure to clean it. To prevent corrosion and accumulation of dirt, it is recommended to properly and carefully clean and lubricate your G19. If under any circumstance your Glock 19 has been exposed to rain, dust, dirt, snow perspiration, saltwater, etc, it is advised to clean it immediately.

  • How to clean?

Use a good quality gun lubricant or rust protective oil. Apply 5-6 drops and use a lubricant applicator to lubricate the slide, barrel, and receiver.

  • Maintain accurate Round Counts for every component:

Owning a firearm comes with a lot of responsibilities. An accurate round count is to be kept for every firearm and its components to avoid life-threatening circumstances.

Every time you replace a component, make sure to log the date and round count of when it was replaced and also check the target date when it needs to be replaced next. Maintain and check the record of the round count every time you use the pistol and if the period of any component crosses its appropriate lifespan, replace it immediately for further use. 

  • A periodic complete disassembly cleaning:

It is important to completely disassemble your pistol and clean it from time to time to keep it in its brand new form in terms of use and look. After every 2000 rounds, the internal parts get dirty enough to cause concern. 

For cleaning the internals, first, completely remove the slide and frame and thoroughly clean each component and each cavity from the inside. The magazine catch and the spring or the slide lock springs are not advised to be removed as removing the same may weaken the springs and cause damage to your arm. 

It is recommended to use a dry material to clean the inside of the slide cavities of the extractor and striker. Wet materials are not to be used. 

  • Replacement of components:

Predicting how long a component will work in your Glock 19 is next to possible, therefore it is essential to keep track of your round counts and replace the components before they wear out. Most Glock parts are not very expensive and hence few extra parts should be kept in hand at all times.

The important components that need replacement are mentioned below along with the instruction on how to do it:

  • Recoil Spring:

Recoil Spring is the backbone of the pistol. A recoil spring should be ideally changed for two main reasons:-

  1. Cycling issues;
  2. Breakage of the locking block pin

While replacing the recoil spring, it is recommended to use only Glock factory recoil springs. It is advised to replace the recoil spring for .40 cal and .357 Slg every 3000 to 5000 rounds; for every .380, 9mm, .45, and 10mm replace every 5000 to 10000 rounds.

Recoil springs cost around $7 to $20.

  • Trigger Spring:

Without a trigger spring, you don’t own a pistol; you pretty much own a paperweight. Trigger Spring is one of the most important parts of your G19. After every 10000 rounds, it is advised to change the trigger spring. Failure of a trigger spring can and will lead to potentially life-threatening situations, thus it is extremely important to replace them from time to time. 

Trigger Springs cost around $2.

  • Slide Lock Spring:

If your slide lock spring is broken, the slide of your pistol will slide off the frame. It is the mechanism with the help of which you use to take down your Glock 19. The slide lock spring is advised to be replaced after every 10000 rounds.

Slide Lock Springs cost around $3.

  • Magazine Catch Spring:

Magazine catch spring is recessed deep into the grip of Glock 19. Your pistol can’t hold a magazine if it has a broken magazine catch spring because it will fall out immediately. It usually doesn’t need to be removed or replaced unless you are replacing your magazine release. A Glock 19 will not work without a magazine catch spring. It is recommended to replace the same after 20000 rounds.

Magazine Catch spring cost around $3.

  • Striker, Striker Spring, and Striker Cups:

It is advised to change these components after every 20000 rounds although it is not vital. Since these components are part of a violent mechanical process, it has a chance of wearing out. The Striker although can be used for a lifetime, it is still recommended to replace after 40000 rounds.

Striker Spring and Cups each cost around $3.

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