Gun safety tips every gun owner should know

As per research in the United States of America, there is an estimate of 430 firearm fatalities caused per year. The fatalities are usually older children or young adults and the major portion of the research includes males, between the age group of 10 to 29 years. 

These accidents are generally caused under circumstances that include playing with the gun (28.3%), assuming the gun is unloaded (17.2%) and hunting (13.8%). But, the maximum numbers of deaths caused due to irresponsibility in handling guns include the victims consuming alcohol and the rate is as high as 46.8% aged between 20-29 years olds.

Here are a few gun safety tips which can help you avoid any sort of accident:

If you own a gun or are thinking of owning one, there are a few golden rules you need to know and follow:

  1. You should always assume the gun is loaded even if it is not
  2. While using the gun, you should always make sure that the gun is pointed in a safe direction
  3. You should always keep your finger straight and away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  4. You should be clear about your target and never point the gun at anything that you don’t mean to shoot
  5. You should never load the gun till point you are ready to shoot
  6. You should not only be clear of your target but also what is beyond that so there is no unnecessary destruction
  7. You should always do your homework and learn properly about the mechanical and handling characteristics of your gun
  8. You should always use proper ammunition
  9. You should make sure the barrel is clear of obstructions every time you load and shoot
  10. If in any case, your gun doesn’t fire after you have pulled the trigger, hold your position for a good few seconds and then with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, carefully unload your gun
  11. You should always be careful where you keep your gun or how you hold your gun. You should be aware of placing your gun securely so that if by accident, you trip or lose your balance, you don’t fire your gun in any wrong direction

Kids often become victims of unfortunate gun accidents due to a lack of responsibility on the part of adult gun owners. Kids fail to differentiate between a fake and real gun and thus it is very important to store your gun very safely and securely in your home to avoid accidents. 

Here are a few types of storage that can be used to ensure gun safety:

  • The Gun Box:

A Gun Box can be used only by the authorized person. Gun boxes are tough-built and won’t break even if dropped from a height of 15 feet onto concrete or run over by heavy vehicles.

It offers unique access via its radio frequency identification reader or biometric reader. The authorized person can use a fingerprint or a specific ring, label, or wristband to unlock the box. If an unauthorized person tries to open the box, it will send you an alert on your phone. It also includes GPS so if the box gets lost or stolen, you can track it.

  • Sentry Safe:

This can store up to as many as 51 guns. These safes use UL-listed electronic locks, which means they meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories. UL is an independent product safety certification organization.

  • Gun Vault:

Gun Vault uses biometrics to store guns with a variety of sizes and mounting options. It uses a fingerprint scanner for identifying the user. It also has a ‘No eyes’ keypad feature which allows you to put the numeric password in dark.

The gun vault can also be used for storing other valuable things like cash and/or passports.

  • Browning:

Browning allows you to turn an entire room into a gun safe. You can turn an entire room into a secure storage room using only a vault door. Depending on the size, you can also turn the room into a display area along with storage so that you don’t have to move your guns. 

There are two types of doors available under browning. One is a standard residential door and the other is what a vault door looks like. This is the best option to store your guns securely if you have a lot of firearms in your possessions. 

It is very essential to know how and where to store the gun in your home. Not only is it important for the children but also for any adult who does not possess the knowledge of using a gun. Even a little negligence can cause a life-altering situation and some very serious unfortunate circumstances. You should always keep the gun unloaded and locked up in a gun vault, safe, cabinet, or storage case.

For the best shot at safety, lock the bullets away and separate them from the gun. You can also use a gun lock; this disables a gun to fire so it will not cause any accidents. You should also make sure that the password to your gun safe or lock to the storage area of your gun should not be known to anyone else but you. You can use either of the above-mentioned storage systems for your gun. Owning a gun leads to more responsibility than one can imagine and thus it is extremely important to follow the golden rules and use a proper storage system for keeping the gun.

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