Glock Barrels

The Best Glock Barrels

As the top performer in reliability and safety tests, the Glock brand of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols entered service with the Austrian military and police by 1982. At least 48 countries' military forces, security agencies, and police forces have been issued Glock pistols, making this product line the company's most lucrative.  Glocks are widely used by civilians as hidden or open-carry weapons for sport shooting, home defense, and personal protection. The Glock 19 is the most popular firearm amongst the many tried and tested products from their line-up. It gained global popularity due to its extremely rugged reliability and easy-to-use ergonomics. The Glock handgun also had a great reputation for great accuracy on top of the many rugged features it presented to the market of handguns. The accuracy can be linked to the solid barrels found inside Glocks that have been developed over the years to the current generations evolving into the handguns being equipped with GMB (Glock Marksman) barrels. 


Glock has more than 50 different handguns available, each with its own unique size, caliber, and design. The company listened to its consumers and built each Glock gun accordingly. Glock pistols inspire confidence, knowing they will live up to the highest standard of a reputation for affordability without sacrificing safety, dependability, or ease of use. Each Glock has a different barrel size and depending upon which model, a different caliber. The lengths of Glocks barrels depend upon the 3 different sizes that are found standard in the handgun industry which are full-size, compact, and sub-compact sizes. Most of the modifiable and customizable Glocks are found to be usually chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. The Glock 17, 19, and 26 are among the most popular for this caliber. The barrels on Glocks are customizable and can be interchanged with improved and enhanced match-grade barrels which are extremely accurate. 


There are usually three major variants or types of barrels available in the market for Glocks that consist of different features and functions. The first type of barrel is a match-grade barrel that is usually hyper-accurate and is interchangeable with the stock barrel. The match-grade barrels are usually made from highly durable 416R stainless steel or 4150 Chromolyvanadium. Most of the customized drop-in barrels will have this character trait when it comes to materials used during the production process. The next major type of Glock barrel is the threaded barrel, which is used for suppressors and compensators, which are muzzle devices at the end of the barrel. 


These muzzle devices help mitigate recoil and offer a faster after-shot target acquisition. Suppressors will screw onto the threaded barrel and offer sound-deadening effects and significantly reduced recoil as well. The last type of major Glock barrels on the market is known as ported barrels. Ported Glock barrels enable reduced recoil and muzzle flip because of the holes situated on top of the barrel which keeps the weapon leveled during firing. These types of barrels have seen a tremendous uprise in popularity in recent times. They have an aesthetic value to them as well because of the strategic holes drilled into the barrel that gives it a very aggressive profile. 


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