How to select the best gun for you?

If you are thinking about buying a gun then choosing the right firearm is one of the most vital components. However, this task is not that convenient as there are many options available in the market.

But why do we need a firearm? Carrying guns reduces the risk of crimes committed on innocent people as criminals become a bit more reluctant towards committing any kind of crime because the victims are armed and most probably better prepared to face a criminal.

Choosing the right firearm is vital for various reasons which will be discovered further in this article. Some of the major reasons can be the safety of the gun which you are going to use, what’s the main purpose of the gun? You can’t have a pistol if you want to use it for hunting.

Though selecting the right gun can be a perplexing task, if one follows some of the basic steps then this complicated task can become relatively easy. As said earlier the variety of guns on the market already makes it difficult to choose a gun apart from that other aspects added to it incite more confusion in choosing the perfect gun for yourself.

So how to make this complex task easy? How to choose the right gun for you?

Choosing a gun is more than selecting a gun that looks cool or hyped up, you need to choose a gun that answers the following questions:

  1. What’s the purpose of the firearm which you are going to buy?

For most of the folks out there, this question seems silly! Don’t you think that the purpose of any gun is the same? The answer is obviously NO!

The reason is not all guns have the same purpose, for instance, if you are seeking a firearm for hunting buying a Glock-19 handgun is as stupid as buying a sniper rifle for carrying or self-defense. It would be better to switch the gun's roles, using a rifle for hunting and vice-versa.

Hence the purpose of the Gun is the key element when choosing one and should be the primary reason for selecting the gun.

The reason is that if you choose a gun that doesn’t suit your purpose then, it will be of no use, say for instance if you buy a handgun and went for a hunt will that handgun be really helpful? Apparently, it will not.

  1. Is the gun you are buying easy to maintain?

The maintenance aspect of a gun is imperative, it’s not that you buy a gun and forget about it. You need to take care of the gun!

A well cleaned and lubricated gun is far more convenient to use as compared to a gun that is not. There is almost no difference between a knife and a gun when it comes to maintenance and its efficiency in use.

If a knife is not sharpened and the edges are dull will the knife be able to cut effectively? Of course not, hence it’s important to maintain it, the same goes for Guns too. However, maintaining a gun can be a strenuous task or an elementary one depending on the type of Gun you own, because some guns are easy to maintain and some aren’t. Hence if you are a newbie then opt for an easy maintenance gun.

New-born guns like Glocks, Sigs, HK’s, etc. are far easier to maintain as compared to old guns like the Arisaka type 38.

  1. What’s the most suitable Grip size?

Getting a smaller gun is useful for carrying it and concealing it in your pocket, but what if you have large hands and you can’t hold the gun conveniently? Will the gun be useful? In the same manner, using a large size gun even if you have small hands is useless.

Normally smaller guns are easy to carry and conceal, whereas larger ones are easy to shoot, but there’s always a catch with the Grip!

  1. Get the right quality Firearm!

The quality of the firearm is also a vital component when you choose your Gun. The saying “you get what you pay for” is so true in the firearms genre too but to a certain extent.

It’s not always true that you need to pay a high value for top-notch quality guns. For example, if you are hunting down a defensive handgun once you cross 1,000$ you aren’t getting enough quality for what you are paying.

Quality plays a huge role when you are selecting a firearm for yourself. You should always try and seek the best quality firearms.

  1. Recoil and Caliber considerations.

Normally with a higher caliber comes a higher amount of recoil you receive from your firearm. With that being said, what’s the amount of recoil your body can handle? Can you sustain greater recoil over and over again? In most cases, the answer is NO.

“If recoil is not managed properly it can lead to accidental firing from the gun as well as it can cause some serious injuries to the shooter.” Barrels are also an important part when the Gun is recoiling so the gun should have barrels made from nitrade and stainless steel .

  1. How safe is your Gun?

It is so important to comfortably and reliably operate the gun’s safety mechanism system. There are three main types of safety that can be used on a gun.

  • Thumb safety

  • Grip safety

  • Trigger safety

However, it is important to understand that safety should never be used in order to do something which is not safe: don’t ever do something which is unsafe and say “no issues the safety is on.”

Safeties are used for not allowing the gun to fire which is actually a great thing, but if you are stuck in a situation and you need to shoot make sure you are confident enough to disengage the safety and use the gun.

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