How To Become A Firearm Influencer
Why would anyone want to be an influencer? Search for information on what influencers make and you will start thinking of topics you can talk about immediately. It’s a wealthy industry to get into and the key is to focus on something you are passionate about. For example, if you know a lot about firearms, you can share your interest and insight with millions of people throughout the web. 

You can create content like images, blogs and videos that are published on other sites as well as your own and give people valuable information as far as the world of firearms, owning them, maintaining them, using them for hunting, upgrading them and more. Firearm enthusiasts are always interested in this type of content and being an influencer can be a fun career. -What Is A Firearm Influencer? 

A firearm influencer is someone who is passionate about firearms and wants to share information and stories throughout social media and the entire web. Before you dive into it feet first, you must understand that it is a job and a job that has to be done well. The quality of your content will determine whether or not people take an interest in you. Ask any influencer and they will tell you how difficult it is to create content every week and ensure it’s quality is at the highest level each time. 

How To Become An Influencer? 

It doesn’t matter what field or industry you are in, the keys to becoming a successful influencer are pretty much the same. You have to build an audience, know where the most interested and passionate fans are and figure out ways to reach them with new content as often as possible. Here are some of the platforms you should consider:

· Emails: Capturing emails is one of the most important things you can do in marketing, especially when it comes to firearms. The reason is because the industry has very limited options for how it can market and distribute content. Email is one of the ways that is still allowed, and it gives you an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of fans immediately.
· YouTube: One of the best platforms to share video content on is YouTube. The world’s second largest search engine, YouTube gets billions of searches every month either on it’s site or from people using other search engines. It’s a great platform to categorize your content on and allow you to reach the right audience.
· Social media: While social media does have limitations for aggressive marketing for firearms influencers, there are alternative benefits including organic posting, groups and so forth. This is an important option because it allows you to freely reach hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts who are on these platforms for hours a day.
· Forums: When it comes to firearms, forums are a great place to build your following. Enthusiasts use these forums to reach out to others like them, sharing information and commenting on new content that is relevant to the topic. If your content is relevant to the topics of these forums, it should be well received. 

When you are reaching out via email or forums, you should be aware that promotional content will not always be well received. People do join mailing lists and groups online for information, not to be advertised to. If that’s the case, then we recommend you focus on being informative, especially at first. This way you build more trust in your audience. 

How To Maintain Your Audience? 

Generating a large audience to your profiles is difficult and if you’ve had success, you should be proud of that. However, keeping that audience and growing it even higher is the toughest part. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals, especially if this is something you want to make money at. Focus on these tips to keep audiences engaged and interested in your content:

· Optimize content: Not everyone will commit to your brand or be familiar with it. However, if they are looking for information on a search engine and find your content because you optimized it well, they are more likely to trust your brand than if it was a paid ad.
· Make weekly content: You need to post regularly in order to ensure that you keep your audiences interested. Try to post every day with older or different content and post the big stuff like a video once a week.
· Monthly newsletter: Newsletters are great for influencers because they get to share new information and keep their engaged audience informed. This is also a great place to promote new events or products you are adding to your site.
· Work with relevant companies: There are companies in this field that want to work with you. Again, firearms have stricter marketing regulations than other products and the industry has to be creative. If you have a strong following, companies interested in the audience can work with you, cross promoting your content and brands to get more eyes on it. This is a great option if you have a large following but do not have a lot of emails yet. You can create content relevant for the brand and have them email updates about it to their mailing list. 

Remember, you want to maintain your audience if you are a firearm influencer because that’s what other companies are going to look at when it comes to advertising revenue. They do not care if you had one million followers, they care about the engagement your content got. Do people respond to it, how do they like it, is there a way to promote a company in the content and so forth? -If you feel that you are able to commit to the requirements it takes to be a firearm influencer, then the best place to get started is by doing your homework. Learn the tools used, how to create, film and produce a show. You will need to learn how to edit videos and promote them on the proper forums. Again, it’s a lot of work but it can be a very lucrative field to go into if you are fully committed and passionate about the industry.

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