The Best AR9 

The AR9 is a pistol-caliber AR15-based carbine. Home defense, competition shooting, and plinking are prominent uses for its 9mm Luger chambering. In close quarters, AR9s are lighter and more compact than AR15s.

The AR9 is a popular gun that combines the AR platform with the 9mm cartridge. We will explore AR9's benefits, applications, and customization choices. Gorilla Machining offers high-quality AR9 components to improve your shooting experience and embrace the 9mm AR platform.

In the early 2000s, the AR9 appeared on the market. Manufacturers of the AR15 platform subsequently developed the AR9, the world's first pistol-caliber carbine. Early AR9s were prone to breaking and frequently used AR15 components.

Since then, demand for the AR9 has skyrocketed, leading to the establishment of multiple specialized factories. These companies produce AR9s that are dependable, accurate, and simple to operate.

Although it looks like an AR15, the AR9 is actually quite different. The AR9 utilizes the 9mm Luger cartridge, which is smaller and lighter than the 5.56mm NATO. The AR9 is a smaller and lighter alternative to the AR15.

The magazines for an AR9 are not compatible with an AR15. AR9s can use inexpensive and widely available Glock-style magazines.

The AR9 is a 9mm AR-15 version, instead of the normal .223/5.56 rounds. The AR9's familiar operating system and controls make it easy for all shooters.

The AR9's 9mm cartridge has lower recoil and cost than other rifle calibers. The AR9 is great for competition, home protection, and recreational shooting.

The AR9's adaptability makes it a good shooter. Competitive shooters like its low recoil and muzzle rise for fast and accurate follow-up shots.

The AR9 is affordable for training and practice since 9mm ammo is cheap and plentiful. Its interoperability with pistol magazines increases its appeal and round capacity.

The AR9, like the AR-15, has several accessories and modifications. Handguards, stocks, and triggers can customize the AR9.

Optics, lighting, and vertical grips improve the AR9's versatility. The AR9 can be built for compact home defense or race-ready competitiveness.

Gorilla Machining has all of the AR9 parts and accessories that you need to build your dream PDW-style weapon. The inventory of AR9 uppers, lower, barrels, and conversion kits are extensive and we have a wide selection of other AR parts. 

The AR9 is versatile and fun, combining the AR platform with the 9mm cartridge. Shooters of all skill levels can use it for competition and home protection.

Gorilla Machining's AR9 platform is flexible and customizable. Buy high-quality AR9 parts to improve your shooting and customize your AR9.

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