When you are just getting into guns you tend to get distracted by the pretty toys and the shiny fun. Shooting is one of the best activities you can participate in, but without knowing how to properly handle a firearm or rifle you can hurt not only yourself but also others. Here are some steps for you to follow to ensure that everyone has a great time without fear of harm.

Keep the gun pointed down range
By making sure you have the barrel of any gun kept down range you are making sure that you have the dangerous part of the gun pointed away from anyone. Now even if the gun is loaded, you can be sure that if it were to accidentally discharge that it would only go down range.

Treat the gun as if it is always loaded
You can never be too careful. This comes back to the 'better safe than sorry' angle of gun ownership. There have been many accidents while handling a firearm because the owner thought that the gun was empty. Some cops, in fact, have died when they are cleaning their guns because they have become so comfortable with their firearm that they forget to check the chamber. Remember that a pistol is only disarmed when its clip is dropped and the chamber is cleared.

Keep your finger off the trigger
When you are handling a gun, you should only put your finger on the trigger when you are ready to fire, never before. This is a great a safety tactic, because you are making sure that the gun will only fire when you pull the trigger. After a while this will become second nature to you for whenever you pick up a gun. It's also how the pros do it, so don't think this is a simpletons guide to gun handling.

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