Many people who play video games know about the AK-47. It is a staple in some of the biggest first person shooters on the market and in some cases it is the highest ranked gun you can get in the game. It has earned this level of prestige because of it's legendary hard knock design and the ability to perform without complaint even after sitting for years. It is battle hardened and used throughout the world and in some of the harshest conditions, but many people do not actually know that much about this rifle. The origins of its design, along with its construction, are why it seems to just keep going even decades after it was pressed off of the line.

The Origins
The AK-47 was designed and created by Avtomat Kalashnikova, who is the AK in AK-47. He was a Russian who designed the rifle in order to give the infantry a more dependable gun in the field. One that could take a beating without much complaint. Now to say that Kalashnikova wasn't influenced by other rifles would be wrong, the AK was heavy influenced by the German Sturmgewehr 44. When you compare the two rifles you can see where the AK inherited some of its design. Also, the 47 stands for 1947, when it was made, and it is tradition that every AK have the year it was made incorporated with its name.

One of the main reasons that the AK has been such a successful platform is due to the fact that it is a gas powered gun. This means that the gun uses the gasses given off from when it is fired in order to operate the receiver. This allows the gun to be very fast, but it also means that the gun may even operate even after being submerged. This design along with the chromed barrel and receiver meant that the gun was very dependable.

In a nut shell, there you have it, where the gun came from and why it is one of the most dependable rifles in the world.

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