When you get a fresh rifle right out of the wax paper you are excited beyond belief. Holding your new toy can make anyone giddy; many cannot wait to go take it out to the range and fire some rounds through it. Thing is though, while it is a toy to some, it is a tool to others. If you invest in a long gun you want to make sure that you are getting one that will serve your purposes.

Much like a tool, a rifle is a specific purpose, be it home defense on a ranch, hunting in the field, or combat. The tool should look like it is purpose built for the occasion. The stock black metal usually works for all of the occasions, but sometimes the rifle needs to be dressed properly for the event it will be attending. There is a wide variety of ways for you to decorate your rifle, be it camo for the forest, desert, or just getting ridiculous and getting it dolled up in carbon fiber.

It is for purposes like this that Hydro-Dipping was developed.

Hydro-dipping is a chemical process that allows a print of some kind to be bound to the frame of the firearm without having to use paint or any harsh chemicals. All it takes is a special piece of carbon paper, some water, and the activation spray that makes the paper into a liquid; then you just dip the rifle into the goop and you have the customized look you've been wanting.

This process allows you to have a firearm that will be completely customized toward your needs and it will help protect the metal from the natural conditions that may damage the frame over time. Protection that will increase your rifles life and a unique look that will differentiate your gun from the rest of the shooters out there in the world.

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