Shooting is one of those things that takes knowledge and practice. Sitting around all day playing Call of Duty will not make you good shot. There are a lot of different factors that go into making that perfect shot. A few of things that you need to keep in mind are breathing, distance, and stance. These three things can have a great impact on how you hit your target.


Breathing tends to be something most people take for granted. We walk around most of the day not paying any attention to the way our breathing effects our day. In the world of shooting the difference in how you breath can be the difference between hitting a bulls eye or being completely off your mark. When you first step up to shoot you'll want to start by taking nice deep and calm breaths. The pulse of your heart in your hand is enough to make your aiming move on you without realizing it. With the deep breathing your heart will start to slow down and it will stabilize your aim. This holds true whether you are using a gun or a bow.


Distance can change the rules all together. The closer you are to the target the more playroom you have when it comes to where shoot. The farther you get from your target the more the wind and your breathing can play a factor. If the shot is far enough, the wind may have enough force to push your bullet in a different direction. If you feel this may prove to be an issue you are going to want to aim a little bit more against the wind. Depending on what you are shooting (a bow or gun) you may have a short delay before the projectile hits it's mark so it's important to be patient when you first get out on the range.


Your stance when shooting can be just as important as the distance and your breathing patterns are. Most people like to shoot standing up. While this maybe the easiest to get use to if you want to shoot at a distance, this may not give you the strong base you are looking for. The two more common stances for a distance shot are either laying down on a shooting mat or in a sitting position. Laying down will limit your view area but provide the most support for your shooting stance. The sitting position tends to be a good compromise between laying and standing. You get a better secure stance (as opposed to standing) with a better view of the range.

These three considerations can help you improve your shooting. If you are planning on working your way up to being able to shoot for a long distance there are other factors that come into play that any good instructor can help you perfect. However the basics of almost every aspect of shooting fall down to these three things.  



Date 12/6/2022


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