When you are at the range and you line your gun up down range you want nothing more than to hit center mass on the target, or put the bullet where you want it to hit. You can have all of the best tech, the best weather conditions, and the most expensive gun on the market; but none of that means anything if you don't know how to properly shoot. It takes a lot of skill to be able to put that bullet into the mark you need to hit and here are some tips on how you can accomplish this very feat!


When you are going to shoot something you put the barrel on the target, put your finger on the trigger, and fire, right? That isn't it completely, not by a long shot, and you will miss by a long shot if you don't time your shots between your breaths. Breathing can throw off your accuracy so either learning your breathing rhythm or hold your breath when you are going to fire and you will find your shots landing where they should.

Don't Pull, Squeeze

When we pull the trigger we are making our lives a little harder. Pulling the trigger puts extra stress on the rifle and this can also decrease your accuracy. Putting the stress of moving the trigger on your finger by squeezing it down will make the action smoother and therefore will not pull you off target.

Setup Correctly

Using something to support your rifle, be it a tripod or some sandbags, can greatly increase your accuracy. Since the rifle is being supported beyond you holding it you can have a more stable firing position and allow yourself the ability to concentrate on the other important factors of shooting.

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