When we buy our rifle we are excited to finally go out and take a few shots at the range. It's such a release to fire off those rounds you've been wanting to shoot for so long against your immortal enemy, the dummy from the shopping mall. After you've dominated your fiberglass opponent, you put your rifle away and go for some beers with friends.

The the day comes that your property is being invaded by aliens. You take your rifle out, only to find that it is completely junked up. The aliens succeed in their invasion and enslave all of humanity all because you didn't clean your rifle after you were done shooting.

Here is what you need to maintain your rifle in case those little green men show up:

Barrel Snake
Barrel snakes are the pipe cleaners of the gun world. They scrape along the inside of your barrel and pull out any carbon build up that can occur while you are shooting. This also helps with accuracy since the bullet will not hit any debris that has built up inside the barrel. Lastly, this also helps with barrel health and making sure that the barrel and chamber last longer.

Not that kind! Gun oil helps to make sure that your guns parts glide off of one another with the least amount of friction as possible. Lubrication is very important part in the proper care and use of your rifle. By having a smaller amount of friction between parts, you are improving their chances of not breaking when you need them to work.

Just doing these two things will help make sure that your rifle will work when you need it to work. Field stripping is important, but you don't have to do it all of the time when you are cleaning your rifle.

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