The world is a wonderful place and it holds such wonders to be discovered and looked upon. One of those wonders is the animal kingdom. Seeing such wondrous creatures is something to cherish, and seeing them in their natural environment is even more of a joy, as the zoo really isn't the best place to observe such creatures. Hunting is one of the best methods to see these animals in their natural environment, and one of the more interesting facts is that hunters are some of the biggest conservationists because they love these creatures.

The general public has a general misunderstanding in regards toward hunting as many feel it is rather savage. Trouble with this point of view is that it is incorrect, or rather, a misconception. We have savage tendencies as human beings, we tend to keep them at bay in our now polite society, but we do need a release every now and again. In many cases we read stories that are tickling an itch in our minds or play a game where we are able to release some stress. And to some they go out into the wilds and take up hunting, actually answering the call to stalk and kill their prey.

Hunting is something that comes naturally to us and we use that instinct in different ways in our modern life. We stalk sales in our magazines, we target specific stores for the item we want, and we strike when we feel that we have our goal in sight. When you start to view polite society in this light, you begin to see it for what it really is, a lie draped in nicety. People will believe just about anything as long as it looks good.

Guns hold a single truth to them and it is a truth that many people find revolting. This is why so many people think that guns and hunting are for those who are mentally imbalanced. Yet these same people will lie, cheat, cause vast amounts of emotional pain to others while thinking that they were being wronged the whole time.

In hunting, there is no confusion, the world is black and white.



That clarity works both in the wilds and in our living rooms: When we are playing with friends or in conversations with others. The truth hurts, but better to sting for a moment than to bleed dry with a lie.

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