The Best Glock 17 Threaded Barrel 

Fans of the Glock brand are well aware of the platform's adaptability and personal ability, especially with a Glock 17 threaded barrel. There are several ways to personalize your Glock, from the grip texture you choose to the number of magazines you use. A threaded barrel is a popular upgrade, especially for the Glock 17. This article will explain what a threaded barrel is, why you should get one, and which products are the best on the market.

What is a Threaded Barrel?

Threads on the end of the barrel facilitate the attachment of a muzzle device, hence the term "threaded barrel." A suppressor, which lessens the noise and recoil of a gunshot, is the most popular muzzle device for a threaded barrel. Threaded barrels, on the other hand, can be utilized to mount additional components like flash suppressors and compensators.

Benefits of a Glock 17 Threaded Barrel

Let's talk about why you would want a Glock 17 with a threaded barrel now that you know what one is. Some of the most notable advantages are as follows:

Increased Versatility

Shooting with a suppressor is less noisy and more pleasant when the barrel is threaded. A threaded barrel also allows you to add equipment like flash hiders and compensators, which can enhance your shooting experience and precision.


A Glock 17 with a threaded barrel will stand out from the crowd. They can be found in a number of different materials and styles that will match or contrast with the aesthetic of your handgun, such as black nitride and stainless steel.

Resale Value

The resale value of your Glock 17 may rise if you upgrade its barrel with threads. Having a threaded barrel on a rifle is desirable to many shooters, and those who can afford it are ready to spend more for a high-quality model.

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