When we watch a movie we look forward to seeing the hardware that the film will be displaying. You will find that when your favorite action star jumps on to the screen they will be carrying a variety of weapons on them and in some cases we can no longer separate a specific firearm from the person carrying it on screen. Another reason the firearms industry loves these movies is that it is basically a free advertisement piece for them that is guaranteed to sell thousands of their guns. Let's take a look through some cinema history and the guns that blew us away!

Wildey Hunter- From Death Wish 3

This gun looked like something from the future. It cannot be mistaken for anything else out there on the market with its profile and general design. This beast of a gun fired .475 rounds. .475! It was nuts on screen and the price to buy one was also rather insane.

AR-15/SP1- From Predator

Not only is this movie perfect in many ways, it also holds one of the most powerful handshakes ever filmed in history. Oh, and this massive AR-15 with the cooling vents and attached grenade launcher is gonzo to see, but of course an invisible alien hunter is also rather nuts.

Winchester 1887- From Terminator 2

This sawed off lever action shotgun showed people of the modern era that lever actions were still very cool. This movie used this shotgun in the most memorable of ways, particularly cycling the next round into the chamber; a move many have tried to replicate and have lost limbs in the process.

Walther PPK- James Bond

The classic Bond donned this firearm and showed that your hero doesn't need a large gun, just a large ego. In so many ways, this gun is shows men everywhere, it isn't about the size, but how you use it.

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