This is something that we often hear when we are at gun shows or in the store, “This is the civilian model, but it is as close to the military model as we could make it.” What is the difference between a civilian model and a military model? Well this is a bit of a complicated answer because it is a matter of construction and politics involved with the answer to this question.

Military rifles and weaponry are built for a single purpose, to kill. They are created in order to help minimize the killing but they are used as both a visual deterrent and a form of defense. These guns and rifles are meant to be used as a way for soldiers to get home safely and kill the enemy they are fighting. Due to this life these kinds of guns are meant to be ready to be used in an instant. They are usually lighter since they are going with a human into the field who is probably hauling around twenty plus pounds on their back. They have a faster rate of fire and are usually equipped with some state of the art equipment to make shooting easier.

Civilians are not battle hardened people. They usually have day jobs, soccer practice, and birthday parties to attend. They are not going to actively search and kill anyone unless they have completely fallen off of their rocker. The guns they are using are usually based off of the military version but they are modified for civilian use, which is usually sport. Many guns will have a slower rate of fire, weigh a bit more, and they are often lacking the ability to be upgraded in certain portions of their design. Granted, these can be used in defense as well, but you are not going to have to worry about an ambush in your front yard.

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